1ST Year B.TECH/B.E 

(For All Branches)

List of Subject:





Mechanical Workshop.





 Three Phase power measurement using two watt-meters

 Starting and Reversing speed of a DC shunt motor

 Open circuit and short circuit test of a single phase transformer

 Determination of the magnetization characteristics (O.C.C) of a DC shunt Generator

 Calibration of DC Ammeter and DC Voltmeter

 Speed control of DC Shunt Motor.


 Preparing a work piece as per given drawing involving measuring drilling, reaming and tapping operation from a given Mild steel (MS) plate.

 Preparing a wooden pattern for casting

 Preparing a sand mould with the pattern for casting an aluminium block

 Preparing a rectangular tray from a metallic sheet

 Preparing a joint through Spot Welding between two sheets

 Preparing a square Butt joint through Metal Arc Welding on flat plates

 Preparing a cylindrical job as per given diagram by different operations in Lathe machine tool like Step Turning, Grooving, Chamfering and Threading

 Preparing a work piece as per given drawing involving measuring, sawing, filing operation from a given Mild steel (MS) plate.


 Familarization of electronic component – Transistor

 Familarization of electronic component – Capacitor

  Familarization of electronic component – Diode

 Familization with power supply and multimeter

 Study forward characterister of p-n junction diode

 Familiarization with CRO and Function Generator

 Familiarization of Basic Components – Resistor

 Familiarization of Breadboard

 Study of input characteristics and output characteristics of BJT in CB configuration

 Study of transfer characteristics and output characteristics of Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET)

 Study of transfer characteristics and output characteristics of Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET)

 Characterization of Op-Amp

 Study of different OPAMP circuits like Non-Inverting, Inverting amplifier, Adder & Substractor

 Study of Logic Gates and realization of Boolean functions using Logic Gates

Introduction of common emitter amplifier


 Viscosity of Solutions Determination of percentage composition of sugar solution from Viscosity using Ostwald Viscometer.

 Determination of the strength of a given hydrochloric acid solution against a standard sodium hydroxide solution

 Determination of the strength of a solution of hydrochloric acid by a standard solution of sodium hydroxide using Conductivity meter

 To determine the calcium and magnesium hardness in a given Water sample separately

 Determination of partition co-efficient of Acetic acid between n-butanol and water at room temperature

 Estimation of Fe (II) in Mohr’s salt solution using standard KMnO4 solution via Redox titration



Determine the Co-efficient of Viscosity by Poiseull’s Capillary Flow method

Determination of modulus of rigidity of a wire by statically method using horizontal pattern of apparatus

 Determination of young’s modulus by flexural method.

 Dermine the wavelength of the incident light by Newton’s ring method

 Determine the wavelength of unknown light by laser diffraction method

 Determination of the Band-Gap of the semiconductor using the four probe method

 Determination of Planck’s Constant By Photo- Electric Effect

 Determine the Rydberg constant by studying Hydrogen spectrum

 Determination and Verification of Stefan’s Constant


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