Preparing a work piece as per given drawing involving measuring, sawing, filing operation from a given Mild steel (MS) plate.


  • To know the functions of different fitting tools.
  • To acquaint with the procedures of fitting operations.
  • To develop the confidence in fitting operation.


Fitting is the assembling together of parts by removing small amount of material to secure the necessary fit.

The operation commonly performed in the fitter shop are: 1. Marking 2. Sawing 3. Chipping 4. Scraping 5. Filing 6. Drilling 7. Reaming 8. Tapping 9. Dieing

 Drawing of the Job: 

List of Tools used:

  1. Marking and measuring tools:
  1. Steel rule
  2. Try-Square
  3. Scriber
  4. Odd leg caliper
  5. Centre Punches
  6. Dot punches
  7. Calipers
  • Cutting tools:
  1. Hack saw
  2. File
  • Striking tools:
  1. Ball Peen Hammer
  • Holding & supporting tools:
  1.         Fitter’s Bench vice.


  • Raw Material: Mild Steel flat piece of size 65mm x 50mm x 6mm.
  • Working Procedure:
  1.  Preparatory
  1. Collect and check the raw material for shape and dimensions. Ensure that it is not under size.
  2. Collect fitting tools and equipments.
  3. Check the specifications of the fitting tools.
  4. Acquaint yourself with the working knowledge of the fitting operation.
  •  Operation
  1. Measure the dimensions of the given plate.
  2. Hold the work piece in vice and file one flat face of the workpiece. Check its trueness with the help of the try square.
  3. Hold it in vice again and file an adjacent side surface so that each surface should be right angle to each other. Continue filing until squareness is appeared.
  4. Apply wet chalk on the flat face and let it get dried.
  5. Mark overall dimensions with the help of tri square and scriber.
  6. Make permanent marks along these lines by means of hammer and centre punch.
  7. Remove the extra material along marking lines by means of hacksaw, leaving a little margin for filing.
  8. Finish the job surfaces with the help of a smooth file.
  9. Measure the dimensions of the given plate.

Observation Table:


 Safety Precautions:

Fitting Operation

  1. Bench Vice:-
    1. Do not over tighten the vice.
  2. Hack saw:-
    1. Keep the blade straight while cutting, otherwise it will break.
    2. Apply suitable coolant while cutting metals.
    3. Check the blade in the frame to ensure that the direction of the teeth of the blade is in forward direction.
  1. Files:-
    1. Do not use a file without handle.
    2. Do not use it as hammer.
  2. Hammer:-
    1. Do not use a hammer with loose handle.
    2. Ensure that there is no trace of oil or grease on the hammer.

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