Study the Characteristics of a Solar cell


To study the Characteristics of a Solar cell.


A solar cell is basically a p-n junction which converts solar energy into electrical energy. The conversion of solar energy into electrical energy is known as photo-voltaic effect, hence a solar-cell is known as a photo-voltaic cell.

When a solar cell is illuminated the photon incident on the cell generates electron-hole pairs. At the junction the barrier field separates the +ve and –ve charge carriers. Under the action of the electric field, the electrons from the p-region are swept into the n-region and the holes from n to p-region. The accumulation of the charge on the two sides of the junction produces an e.m.f. known as the photo-e.m.f. It is proportional to the illumination and on the size of the illuminated area. When an external circuit is connected across the solar cell terminal a current flows through the circuit.

Experimental Results:

       Result: Maximum output is obtained with ………. Filter.

Result: Graph shows that power delivered is proportional to the surface area.


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